Howling at the sun

from by Satria Sunfire



Howling at the sun

I'll find you a cabin where you can learn to fly
any place, anywhere, when we can
'n I'd teach you a song that we'll sing throughout the night
Cause happiness is only real when shared

We can run where we must walk
there is no harm for none is wrong
Dancing naked as we sing along

and the earth was made to spin around
and the stars were made for falling down
'n All we'd do is howling at the sun 3x

I'll build you a tree house, where we could sit on top
Where we can watch the cycle of a day
And as the colors softly shift
from brightened blue to anything
,maybe then we can decide to stay

We can walk where we must flee
There is no harm in being free
Living life for we have only one

Snd the earth was made to make us smile
and the stars will stay there for a while
and all we'd do is howling at the sun 4x

And I don't know if I've met you yet
So there is no reason for feeling sad
Cause all I've ever wanted was granted me instead
of looking every time for something that isn't even there yet

We will fly where we may not
There is no way that we'd get lost
Just enjoying time before it's done

And the earth will just keep spinning on
And the stars won't fade for anyone

And all we'd do is howling at the sun 3x


from Endorphine, released November 25, 2014



all rights reserved


Satria Sunfire The Hague, The Netherlands

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